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Street Faith
Real Life in the Real World
Category: Christianity
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by DJ Swanger
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November 14, 2016 01:28 PM PST

We have an incredible opportunity in this moment. An opportunity to be the hands and feet and heart and voice of our Lord to the people around us. To pray and listen to the Spirit. To love courageously and fall on our faces before God in intercession for our families, our friends, our nation and our world. And to speak the truth of the Kingdom of God breaking into human life one heart at a time.

“HOPE AND A FUTURE: Awakening and Healing the Soul of the Nation” is a moving time of conversation and prayer about prayer...for the revival of Christians and the awakening of our country. Our guest and friend Randy Hekman of Grand Awakening shares his heart for bringing real healing and transformation to lives and communities by crying out together in united prayer and creating a landing strip for God’s presence and power right where we are.

You’ll definitely want to listen to this episode again and again. And pass it on to your friends.

November 01, 2016 09:26 AM PDT

Leadership and Change are hot topics. In the news. In the church. In the coffeeshops and on social media. And everybody has an opinion, backed by their own cadre of experts. But what if real leadership looks more like one to one influence, and real change starts at the bottom instead of the board room?

By common standards, Ron Jimmerson was the last person the world would expect to be changing the shape of a city and its neighborhoods. An ex-offender with a prison earned GED stepping into a field dominated by so-called experts with masters’ and doctoral degrees, he had passion and a vision for transforming lives in ways that ran directly counter to the most established approaches. Ron’s game plan was disturbingly simple. Listen to God and listen to the people at the bottom. Really listen! Then do what works.

Ron is our guest on this episode of Marketplace Kingdom. Our conversation on “Leading Change from the Ground Up” is serious, funny, challenging, and full of street level biblical insight that you can apply immediately.
Listen now or download it for later, but don’t miss out on meeting Ron and “Leading Change from the Ground Up.”

October 25, 2016 11:40 AM PDT

"URGENT...The US presidential election is just fifteen days away. Still, many people in our country remain undecided as to how…or if…they plan to vote. At no time in recent history have we as a people been so deeply and hotly divided. Many with whom we have spoken continue to be seriously conflicted about both major candidates. Yet this election, perhaps more than any in the last four decades, is about much more than candidates. It is about the nature and direction of our nation for the next generation. For Christians, it is about understanding the times and knowing what we should do!

That’s why we’ve decided to release this Special Edition of Marketplace Kingdom.
This episode was produced quickly. We believe the issues at stake are important enough that we want to make it available sooner rather than later!

PLEASE…Send the link to your friends. Email it. Share it on Facebook and Twitter. Download the mp3 and send it out directly. Yes, we believe it’s that important."

October 20, 2016 04:56 AM PDT

According to our friend Fulton Sheen, the key pivot point for a Christian understanding of business and finance comes when believers realize that they’re not owners, but rather stewards of the resources with which God has entrusted them. That shift in understanding brings with it a critical shift in focus and in the principles to which we are responsible.

In the Book of Ruth, when Boaz was allowing Ruth to glean, he didn’t leave her with just enough to eat. He very specifically left MORE, so that she could go out and sell the extra grain…to make some money as well as eat. He was allowing her to go way beyond mere subsistence. He was allowing her to flourish.

So what does a Kingdom oriented business and economic culture really look like? The over-riding character of the world’s approach is the law of the jungle…survival of the fittest. When setting up a deal, a contract, a business relationship or any other financial transaction, the world thinks “How can I win and come out on top?” A Kingdom approach is different. It asks “How can I structure the best deal so that I, my company, my employees, as well as the other people with whom I’m contracting will all prosper. How can everybody come out in the best way possible?”

“We believe that in God’s Kingdom, all shall prosper, so we want to make sure that you’re going to prosper…and we’re going to prosper…”

“Kingdom Business Now” is our second interview with Fulton Sheen. Access this vital conversation today.

October 10, 2016 04:08 PM PDT

This episode is a continuation of last week's "Cities of Refuge: Preparing for the Coming Economic Crisis" and features the Question and Answer segment of that call.

October 11, 2016 05:55 AM PDT

Is there really such a thing as “biblical economics”? Does the bible provide principles and strategies for how we should conduct ourselves in our personal financial affairs? In business? As a community? As a nation? If we as Kingdom minded people truly desire to understand the times and know what to do, we need to be looking at these questions. What sort of practical grid does a biblical worldview provide for understanding and critiquing the current conversations about “the economy” in the public square? What unique Kingdom answers can be found to the economic issues facing us today?

According to Christian analyst and international speaker Fulton Sheen, “The world’s Babylonian economic structures and its excesses are on a collision course with the reality of Kingdom economics based on Biblical absolutes. It’s happened before, it will happen again. We are truly a world economy and what happens in one nation has an effect on another; nations are no longer islands unto themselves…We must be aware and have understanding of these things, so we can prepare and discern what we’re seeing prophetically and empirically coming our way.”

Fulton joins us on this podcast, bringing keen insight and biblical discernment on the current economic climate and how to face it with Kingdom hope and confidence.

September 19, 2016 09:29 AM PDT

Yes. We live in a volatile world. Every day, a host of conflicting and contradictory voices and agendas are vying for our attention and loyalty. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and discouraged. What should we do? Who should we believe? How should we pray?

But in the midst of the strident demands and vitriolic attitudes that seem to have become the new normal, something else is emerging. Something new and ancient. Something that flies in the face of all the competing agendas and talking points of the world and its would-be rulers in every sector of society.

The Lord is awakening and igniting movements of people around the world that will shake lives and bring real revival, transforming individuals and nations. We are experiencing one of those moments in history that is pregnant with God's capacity to do tremendous things as He sets souls ablaze with an intensely practical heart cry for something fresh and powerful and radically other to break in on the scene of our day to day lives! “Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done. Here and now on earth exactly as it is in heaven.”

Season Two of Marketplace Kingdom premieres with a conversation on prayer and practical Kingdom vision. Our guests are Seal Sylvester Jammeh and Dirk Ailts.

Seal is Director of Youth for Christ in The Gambia in west Africa, founding pastor of Greater Works Ministries, and an influential leader in the Educational, Governmental, Medical, Business, and Religious sectors of his nation.

Dirk is a pastor, life and leadership coach, and executive director of International Steward, an organization that focuses on seeing churches and organizations around the world become self sustaining and thriving centers of the gospel's redeeming power.

Listen as they share their own stories about the good news of God’s Kingdom and power to transform lives and impact cultures now…right where we are!

July 29, 2016 12:29 PM PDT

Episode 12 is an in depth discussion of “The Emerging Seven Mountain Alliance”, a movement that crosses denominational barriers to bring the power of the Gospel into the streets, the marketplace, and the various structures and venues that shape individual lives and entire cultures. How can we as individuals make a real difference right where we are? Look around. We are all influencers.

July 29, 2016 11:16 AM PDT

Episode 11 features our guest Tim Cosby, founder and trainer with the Empowerment Coaching Network. Our conversation with Tim centers on “Full Spectrum Leadership”, an approach that recognizes and builds on the gifts, passions, talents and callings of each person. In Tim’s words, a coaching approach isn’t just another tool in the box. It brings an entirely different operating system to the task of leadership. It values, nurtures and releases people into their own place in God’s plan.

May 31, 2016 12:11 PM PDT

"If we read the New Testament carefully, we quickly discover that 'the church' is not the model for the Church. Jesus is the model for the Church!" With these words, our friend Tim Vink brings a precise focus to our discussion of what we should look like as we engage in our day to day lives in the world.

This episode revolves around four key questions:

1. What does "church" beyond the walls of the church look like?

2. What does a 7 Mountain/7 Sphere idea say for understanding how the church should be equipping and supporting people in the redemptive character of their perspective and Kingdom oriented engagement in their spheres of influence?

3. What do we need to do to incorporate this kind of Kingdom understanding and practice into our teaching and discipleship activities? Our prayer cover? Our life-as-mission?

4. What might it look like to plant and develop new churches with a Presence based, Spirit led, prayer saturated 7 Mountain orientation built into their DNA from the ground up?

Tim Vink is a gifted minister and teacher on prayer, healing, deliverance, and the present day ministry of the Holy Spirit. He is a hardcore lover of Jesus and an encourager with a passion for living and moving in the Presence of God. He's also the director of new church development for the Reformed Church in America. We’re excited to have him as part of this conversation on "A New Kind of Church."

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